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Microelectronic technology is a high-tech electronic technology based on various semiconductor devices with integrated circuits as the core. It is characterized by small size, light weight, high reliability and fast working speed. Microelectronic technology has a great influence on the information age.


The "3C" revolution refers to the technological revolution in communication, computerization and automatic control. "3C products", is the computer class, communication class and consumer electronic products of the three collectively, also known as "information home appliances". Such as computers, tablets, mobile phones or digital audio players. Because the volume of 3C products is generally not big, so often add a "small" word in the middle, so often collectively referred to as "3C small household appliances". The rapid development of integrated circuits and the Internet is the basis for the development of 3C products and their rapid entry into families.

The "3C" revolution has pushed human society into an epoch-making new information society. The "3A" revolution, also known as the "three modernizations" revolution, refers to factory automation, office automation and home automation. The in-depth development of "3A Revolution" pushes the whole human society to automation.

In addition to the most common north-south bridge structure, the current chipset is developing towards a more advanced accelerated hub architecture. Intel's 8xx series chipset is the representative of this type of chipset. It combines some subsystems such as IDE interface, audio, MODEM and USB is directly connected to the main chip, which can provide twice the bandwidth than the PCI bus, reaching 266MB/s; in addition, SiS635/SiS735 of SiS Technology is also a newcomer to this type of chipset. In addition to supporting the latest DDR266, DDR200 and PC133 SDRAM specifications, it also supports quad-speed AGP graphics card interface and Fast Write function, IDE ATA33/66/100, and built-in 3D stereo sound, high-speed data transmission function including 56K data communication (Modem), high-speed Ethernet network transmission (Fast Ethernet), 1M/10M home network (Home PNA) and so on.