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Smart medical care is inseparable from integrated circuits, which play an indispensable role in the development of smart medical care. In these new electronic medical devices, chips are not only used for disease treatment, but also for disease prevention. 


This work is very important and very meaningful. With the advancement of science and technology, the high popularity of smartphones and the Internet has greatly expanded the application scenarios of self-service equipment in reality. Today, self-service devices are everywhere, whether in shopping malls, hospitals, supermarkets or other public places. Especially in the medical field, as an important part of smart medical construction, intelligent self-service equipment can effectively optimize the hospital service process and improve the efficiency of patients' medical treatment, which is of great significance to the digital transformation and development of the medical industry.

In hospital service scenarios, intelligent self-service equipment can realize real-time monitoring of personnel body temperature and avoid health risks. At the same time, multiple functions such as registration, payment, and laboratory report printing can also be integrated. Patients or their family members can complete various procedures such as medical treatment and hospitalization only by following the interface prompts, effectively alleviating the shortage of medical staff, cumbersome treatment procedures and long queues. , see a doctor crowded and other issues. In addition, smart self-service equipment is also used in medical testing, smart pharmacies, laboratories and other links to promote the improvement of the hospital's comprehensive service quality. And smart medical electronics is likely to be one of the few areas where China has unique development advantages in the next step. One is that it has a large population, the second is that we are in a transition stage, and the third is that our medical level is relatively weak after all. Therefore, this process will definitely bring us great business opportunities, and also bring good changes to our people's lives, especially medical and health care.