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Rumor: leading semiconductor equipment manufacturers being slashed

According to Taiwanese equipment manufacturers, ASML has recently cut capital expenditures and reduced orders due to limited equipment sales to mainland China, storage, wafer foundry and other customers. Delaying the delivery time, the 2024 annual performance will be obviously under pressure.

According to Taiwan media Electronic Times, the supply chain reported that the Chinese mainland market will account for about 14% of ASML’s overall revenue in 2022. After the Netherlands joined the United States in imposing restrictions on the export of semiconductor equipment to mainland China, it had a considerable impact on ASML.

At the same time, Intel, Samsung Electronics, and TSMC are frantically scrambling for EUV equipment. The enthusiasm for EUV equipment has cooled. Major customer TSMC even reported that it has cut the number of EUV equipment by more than 40% or delayed the purchase. The process technology and customer scale are far behind TSMC’s Samsung Electronics and Intel. It is estimated that they will follow up in order to reduce the black hole of burning money for advanced processes. This also makes ASML’s outlook for 2024 more conservative, and its annual performance will be significantly under pressure.

In addition to ASML, Taiwan-based equipment manufacturers said that many of the top ten equipment manufacturers have become more conservative in their operating outlook for 2024, and have already carried out various cost-saving plans in advance, such as personnel and marketing, to survive the cold winter.


It was previously reported that US semiconductor equipment companies have accelerated the pace of layoffs. After Lam Group announced layoffs, the industry revealed that Kelei also launched a layoff plan. Kelei Korea Branch is screening the resignees. Some resignees also raised procedural issues and said: “Without prior notice, I was called to the head office on the grounds of annual salary negotiation, and I was advised to resign.” Kelei will not only lay off employees in South Korea, but will lay off employees throughout the world About 3%.

Post time: Apr-19-2023